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Bill Walton – The last true horseman
If you love horses and you happen to cross Bill’s path, count yourself blessed as he is the last true horseman standing. The best trainer and teacher there is, surely he must hold the 10th degree black belt in horsemanship. 
Bill excels at training any type of horse and rider and he is a master of all disciplines. He has a rare gift and decades of experience. He looks at a horse and he just knows. He looks at the rider and he just knows you too.
It doesn’t matter what level your horse is at because Bill will teach it to excel up to the very top. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an expert, you will learn so much from Bill – the sky is the limit… ~Melanie McIntosh

Another fabulous lesson with William Cooper Walton – thanks, Bill!! Both Puddin and I are learning so much! It’s so neat to see and experience the connection with my horse. Not that it didn’t previously exist, but it’s another level altogether. I get more excited with each lesson! BTW…those leg yields are the coolest!!!

I think I may be getting “the bug”!🐎😍😉🐎 ~Kim Woods King

Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn from you. It has been a fabulous experience! Although, my capacity for implementing your instruction might be limited your teaching is not. I am constantly amazed at your ability to diagnose and provide solutions to whatever difficulty I might be experiencing with my own lack of knowledge or skill and/or how that interacts with Traveler’s own abilities. Although, I was often totally exhausted after each lesson I was also significantly “enlightened” and excitedly looking forward to my next lesson. I think of you as an instructor as a happy mix of philosopher and drill sergeant! And with that combination came some very intense learning situations. It was a thrill learning how to work with a horse in tandem rather than trying to force a particular result. Awesome! Thanks for the privilege!! ~Rosalee

Rachel ZengerI have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to attend clinics and lessons with Bill. His unique combination of a practical, “cowboy’s” perspective on horsemanship, plus his intricate knowledge of dressage principles, make him the ideal teacher for someone who wants to make rapid progress with their horse in any discipline while staying safe and having fun. Since I began learning from Bill, my horse has become more responsive but also more confident, softer but also more energetic, and more respectful but also happier in his work. I know that is because Bill can quickly identify the signs, however subtle, of what must be addressed in our partnership so that we can move to the next level. Bill always pushes me and my horse to exactly the point we need to be so that we get the maximum benefit from our time together, but he never makes me feel like I have been pushed too far and he seems to sense and respect the limits of what my horse is ready for too – although usually those limits are far beyond what I think they are! Thank you Bill for making me a better rider and making the most complicated concepts in horsemanship so easy to tackle and understand.    ~Rachel Zenger

Bill is excellent. Any one that can study with him is fortunate.   ~Debbie Beth-Halachmy

Kim McBroomI have had the privilege of riding under Bill’s instruction for several years. Not only does he ‘Talk the Talk’ but he ‘Walks the Walk’.  He can break down each movement so that you can easily understand it and once you feel like you are reaching a comfortable place in your riding he adds more to the lesson and challenges you to advance to the next level. You are always learning and perfecting with him. He has a gift of being able to read the horse and the rider and provide quality instructions to help both. I challenge anyone to take a lesson with him at least once. I guarantee they will walk away with a renewed sense of desire to learn and become a better rider and partner to their horse. Whether you are a dressage rider or team roper, a beginner or advanced, he has the ability to help you improve weaknesses and build on strengths.   ~Kim McBroom

Bill is one of those rare horsemen who can impart knowledge to his students respectfully, clearly and in just the way they need to hear it.  I always feel like a session with Bill is time and money well spent and that I’ve gained knowledge that I can apply to my horsemanship right away.   ~Julie Vosberg

I really like that no matter how many students Bill has for the day, he is able to tailor each lesson to what each rider needs. He is very perceptive and able to quickly evaluate the horse and rider. I also like that he provides you with the headset, allowing you to focus on your riding rather than looking at him and trying to hear. Be ready to RIDE! You and your horse are going to get a workout!   ~Cinder Jackson

It’s hard to describe working with Bill.  Time seems to stop, he enters your mind and body, and guides you to another level of riding.  As I was telling Bill, at most clinics, (ok, all of them), they tell you “what” to do, but never HOW to do it.  Bill tweaks a hand here, a rein there, and subtle yet enormous changes occur.  You feel your horse relax, take a deep breath, and you both ease into that next level of the extraordinary.  His excitement when you do the slightest change for the better encourages you to trust and take that next step.  Soon, you are skipping hand in hand with your horse, just like when you were a kid.  Riding becomes fun again.

Like I said, it’s hard to describe unless you’ve felt it yourself.  I’ve never met anyone like him, and feel blessed that I was somehow guided his way and given the ability to ride with one of the masters.   ~Deb Johnson

Bill Walton is a trainer/coach who meets every horse and rider where they are and begins to build their skills from the ground up. He recognizes the “try” in both horse and rider and helps explain not only what to do, but HOW to do it to make any exercise successful. I am taking regular lessons from Bill, and always take something new and important home to work on to improve my horsemanship. Bill has the knowledge and ability to improve the performance of horses and novice, intermediate or skilled riders in many disciplines.   ~Joan Stibal, AQHA Region 8 Novice Amateur Reining champion 2010, KDEA western dressage horse of the year 2013, Kansas Cowboy Dressage Association board member and rider

Getting back into riding after being away from horses for 20 years, I realized that I needed to improve my horsemanship in order to enjoy my horses. Through working with Bill Walton and western dressage, I learned how to control every part of my horse resulting in a more relaxed and confident equine partner. I would recommend Bill’s training expertise to improve your riding in any discipline.   ~Traci Kenner